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[WEBINAR] Young Leader Series: Productivity 101-Understanding your limit
16:30 to 18:00 - August 8, 2020
You have back-to-back Zoom meetings and manage 10 projects at once. You see success everywhere on social media and feel like you are not achieving anything. You even feel guilty when you “waste your time” and binge watch on the weekends. So you continue obsessing over productivity by hustling - until you reach a point of stress, and finally, lose all motivation to work. Does this sound familiar to you?   In recent research by Gallup, 7 in 10 millennials feel burned out at work. Millennials are called the burnout generation because we are obsessed with being productive all the time. We want to achieve more, better, and faster! What we don’t know is we’re actually hurting our productivity by obsessing over it. 
We know how hard this could be for you, so we got you covered! In our upcoming workshop, Dr. Sandersan Onie, Ph.D. to help you understand your own limits and help boost your work productivity. In this webinar, you will learn:
  1. Understanding your limit by recognizing productivity obsession and burnout
  2. Learning how to deal with burnout and boost your productivity
  3. How to bring joy to your work and others
  Register and join us in this eye-opening webinar on:
  • Date: Saturday, 8 August 2020
  • Time: 16.30 - 18.00 P.M (GMT+7)
  • Location: Live in Zoom!
  HTM: Rp 150.000 Registration link: bit.ly/YoungLeadersSeries 


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