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Through Apiary Business Solutions, we aim to help entrepreneurs to find the right partners in growing their businesses.

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Meeting & Pitching

Based on your needs, we set up a meeting between you and our partners to break down your expectations & goals. Our team will help you identify and communicate your business needs, as well as negotiate the service fees to our partners.

Confirmation & Payment

If you agree to move forward with the service by one of our business partners, we will process the invoice and contract.

Project Starts!

Time to sit down & relax! Our partners will start working on your needs accompanied by our team’s supervision to ensure the project will run accordingly and that both you & your business will come out 100% satisfied!

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Finding and comparing the right service providers for your business needs can take a lot of time & energy to do. With Apiary Business Solutions, it will save you the hassle to hire a suitable service provider!

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Our partners will start working on your needs accompanied by our team’s supervision to ensure the project will run accordingly and that both you & your business will come out 100% satisfied!
We do a background check before selecting our partners. This includes their past clients & quality of work, also ensuring that they are experienced in the related field.
As easy as ABC, we only need you to prepare a detailed breakdown of your needs, budget, and expectation/goal, so we can connect you to a suitable listed partner.

Partners & Category

Building a business needs several documents that need to be made. We will help you prepare several documents for your business company.

Esca Legal Consulting
Esca Legal Consulting provides various legal services for millennials who want to start a business.


  • PT Establishment
  • Legalitas Usaha
  • Perizinan Usaha
  • Hak Kekayaan Intelektual (HAKI)
Lexar is a startup that helps other startup companies and MSMEs deal with legal issues in Indonesia.


  • Online services
  • PT Establishment
  • Legal services
  • Package Industry
Lets Move Indonesia
Lets Move Indonesia is Jakarta’s Most Trusted Real Estate & Relocation Agency. We are proud to be the trendsetters in what we do, simplifying and improving expatriate services.


  • PMA Company Establishment
  • Representative Office Establishment
  • VAT Registration
  • BPJS Registration
  • Trademark Registration
  • Monthly Tax Reporting
  • Annual Tax Reporting
  • Individual Tax Reporting
  • Tax Accountancy & Payroll
  • Office Search
  • Visa Services.
  • Immigration Services and Work Permit Application
Legiska Legal Consulting
Legiska provides a one-stop service solution for entrepreneurs. Your legality needs can be solved with a simple process and transparent costs.


  • PT Establishment
  • PMA Company Establishment
  • CV Establishment
  • Special Licensing
  • Legal Consulting
  • HKI is a client-driven legal services provider which combines the experienced law expert and automated service processing.


  • Company Incorporation
  • Legal Advisory
  • Intellectual Property
  • Expatriate Service

It is not easy to navigate through Indonesia’s legal administration procedures, moreover procuring a license for your company. Make sure you are set up with a strong legal base with help from our team’s guidance.

Smart Legal
Smart Legal Network is the Indonesia-leading provider of legal services for startups to well-established businesses. Consisting of professionals, we focus on providing effective solutions as your full-time partner for the development and sustainability of your business.


  • Jasa pendirian yayasan
  • Jasa pendirian koperasi
  • Jasa pendaftaran merek
Budi Sapta & Rekan Law Firm
Budi Sapta & Rekan Law Firm provide a full range of legal services to a broad ranging clientele, from private individuals to corporate enterprises. We pride ourselves in the ability to combine legal expertise and knowledge held by our lawyers into timely, effective legal advice and representation.


  • Perjanjian Kerjasama dengan Supplier/Vendor/Mitra Usaha
  • Kontrak HKI antar Pemegang Saham
  • Perjanjian Kerja Karyawan/Freelancer
  • Perjanjian Kerahasiaan (Non-Disclosure)
  • Nota Kesepahaman (Memorandum of Understanding)
  • Opini Legal dan Memo
  • Legal Roadmapping untuk Startup Baru
  • Legal Team Outsourcing
  • Pengacara
  • ULTIMATE Legal Kit for New Businesses

We will help you solve the problem of accounting and tax. It helps you report taxes based on Indonesian laws and regulations that all companies abide to.

Oliver & Co
Oliver & Co. is the member of Prodigi Consultant and SK & Co.that work exclusively in Accounting Services as Tax, Accounting, and Business Services.


  • Tax Compliances
  • Accounting Service
  • Management Consultant
KonsultanKu is a professional service platform in accounting, business and taxation for individuals, start-ups and UKM. We connect users with experienced and precise professionals at prices that are affordable to various groups.


  • Online Professional Services
  • Online Consultation
  • Consultants and Audit
  • On-demand workforces

Customers won’t buy what they don’t know. Hence, it is important for you to raise brand awareness through excellent branding & marketing strategies.

Alega is born out of genuine admiration towards different stories. We’re committed to developing ideas to tell stories that will not only grow businesses in the marketplace, but also make a lasting impact and improve society.


  • Strategic Planning
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Branding
  • Digital Ads
Mahija Studio
Mahija is a graphic design studio that harnesses the power of storytelling. We create designs with meaning and not in isolation.


  • Design
  • Production
  • Branding
  • Graphics and Visuals
TofeeDev is one of the official partners of Google adorned with the Google Partner Badge who revolutionizes business & product with awesome design and proven digital strategies.


  • Website – Online Visibility
  • Digital Marketing Strategy
  • SEO Optimization
  • SEM (Ads) Management
  • Funnel Consultation
Future Mediatrix Group
We are a digital marketing agency that understands how you, as a business or brand owner, communicate with your market through digital media.


  • TVC Commercial AdvertisingSocial Media Services
  • Social Media Services
  • Web & Mobile Development
  • Creative & Marketing Consultation
  • SEO & SEM
  • Digital Advertising
  • Creative & Brand Design
Nice To Meet You
The On-Demand graphic design service who can give you your first design draft in 24-48 hours. Feel free to give feedback and revisions (major & minor revisions), of course it’s unlimited. Or you can directly approve the design.

Special deals 15% discount for 1st month

Krona is a digital marketing agency that helps you promote your products or services online. Krona always helps clients to boost their brand awareness, to increase their sales by generating more leads, and to growth-hack their revenue.


  • Social Media Marketing
  • Creative & Content
  • Social Media Monitoring
  • Multimedia & Design
  • Digital Media Analytic
  • Email Marketing
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Digital Advertising & PPC
  • Search Engine Optimize
  • Remarketing & Inbound
  • Digital Consultancy

A mentor is a very valuable asset to have when starting a business. From our package, you can get weekly sessions from an experienced mentor to coach you about planning & running your business.

Women Works
Women Works is the place for women to connect, empower, and reach their fullest potential. Our mission is to build meaningful connections for women to achieve their career-oriented and personal development goals.


  • Mentorship for kickstarters
  • Mentorship for career changers/advancers
  • Mentorship for founders
  • Mentorship for comebacks

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Torch Group leads the industry with business development and matching consultancy in ASEAN.


  • Tuition Centre
  • Facilities Management
  • Business Matching Consultant

Almost everyone uses the internet these days, so digitizing your business in this era is important to improve your business. We will help you to bring your business under the customer's fingertips.

Digital Native
Digital Native Agency (DNA) is an IT & Digital business consultant established since 2016. We are focused on innovation, digital solutions & digital marketing.


  • Flutter Digital Platform
  • Android Platform
  • IOS Platform
  • Website Development
Xcidic Teknologi Indonesia
Xcidic is an innovative technology lab that focuses on re-defining web and mobile app development. We exist to bring creative solutions with technology and create a community to all tech enthusiasts.


  • Standart – Simple Web Development
  • Premium – Simple Web Development

Include: Domain, hosting, dashboard management, maintenance, etc

Kaliber Asia
Manage and execute your PPC ads using an omni-channel strategy with a focused and targeted approach. Helps maximize results for higher goals such as Lifetime Value (Long-Term Value) or Profit.


  • PPC Advertising
  • Consultative services

Free Google Ads Audit

Combine strategic thinking with creativity & an understanding of digital marketing, we’re delivering innovative content and strategist solutions to improve brands.


  • Social Media Optimization
  • Content Strategy & Design
  • Copywriting
  • Brand Identity
  • Website Design & Development
Dasi Miring
Dasi Miring is a digital marketing agency in Indonesia that is emerging to be one of the best digital marketing agencies helping every business and individual to achieve their goals through creative and innovative ideas.


  • Graphic Design
  • Social Media Management
  • Video Animation
Maxbuzz is your full service social media marketing agency. We do digital wonders such as producing relevant contents suitable for your target market, maximize your presence with social media ads, and create a mutually beneficial situation with influencers & KOLs.


  • Social Media Management
  • Social Media Content Photography
  • Social Media Graphic Design
  • Posting & Maintaining Interactions
  • Instagram Facebook Ads
  • Influencers (KOLs) Marketing
  • Website Development
Vector Indonesia
Vector Indonesia is an affiliate of one of the largest independent marketing PR communication firms of Japan. It operates the various marketing communication services such as media relation, media planning and monitoring, social media maintenance, influencer arrangement, digital marketing campaign, video marketing and event arrangement by experienced staff both in planning and operation.


  • PR Events
  • Press Tours
  • Public Relations with mass media
  • WEB PR
  • SNS PR
  • Promotional Planning
  • Strategic PR
  • Overseas Expansion Consulting
Searching for and managing health insurance for your company can be ridden with complexity and opacity. At Aman, we build an insurance technology platform to simplify the Employee Benefits experience for employers, employees as well as insurers and brokers.


  • Human Resource
  • Talent Management
  • Employee Benefits
  • Talent Strategy
  • Health Insurance
  • Insurance

Our collaboration has always been great, Apiary is always ready and equipped toaddress problems that a new company like mine might face and that is really crucial inearly stages of building a business, to have people behind you who genuinely care aboutyou. Apiary is one of those enablers.

Sahil Shah
Co-Founder of Hallah

Apiary has been very helpful in the development and journey of my company. Throughcollaboration with many partners, help us to connect and find a trusted and qualitypartner. The customer’s relationship is also fast and active.

Director of PT. Mahakarya Citra Internasional

Very helpful! Apiary helped me to connect with their partners. Through the consultation,all my questions answered clearly and my needs were met.

Marcello Judhandoyo
Founder & CEO of

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