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The Bees Circle

A platform for Entrepreneurs and Startups to share experiences and grow together
through weekly business workshops and networking sessions.

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Lite (Per Month)


  • Weekly Events
  • 1 time access to Members’ Networking
  • Special perks and discounts from our Partners
Pro (Per Month)

250 K

  • Weekly Events
  • Weekly Members’ Networking
  • 2 Business skill training
  • 2 Mentorship sessions
  • Special perks and discounts from our Partners
VIP (Per Month)

500 K

  • Weekly Events
  • Weekly Members’ Networking
  • 2 Business skill training
  • 2 Mentorship sessions
  • Special perks and discounts from our Partners
  • Direct introduction opportunities to investors, partners and prospect clients
  • 2 hours of meeting room credits at Apiary Coworking Space
  • Access to Quarterly Business Conference

Apiary Mentors


Apiary Community Membership is an online community platform where entrepreneurs gather to accelerate their business together.

Whether it be small, growing, or large-scale, we will deliver the best learning & growth experience for your business through mentorship programs, introduction to investors, access to top conferences, and many more.

The membership includes access to exclusive opportunities

to investors, partners, prospects clients, and business skills training.

You also get access to our member’s community, weekly networking events, top conference, mentorship sessions, meeting room usage, and special discounts to Apiary Coworking Space.

If you’re a business owner looking to scale up your business, we would recommend the VIP Community Membership. We have catered the package especially to help your business grow faster through Direct introduction opportunities to Investors, Partners and Prospect Clients by Apiary Business Solutions, Exposure of your brand with your Logo on Apiary Website, Opportunity to contribute as a Speaker and Mentor and Access to Apiary’s Quarterly Business Conference. If you’re a new business owner and looking to start a business, you could try our Professional Community Member where you’ll get to upgrade your skills and expand your network!
After completing the application form, you will further inform the bank number to do the payment process followed by the email confirmation.
You will get the ID Card as the member identity and several benefits inside it. You also will be invited to the community member’s group that will be available on linkedin and WhatsApp which contain some information regarding the events and programs.
As the official member, you also will be invited on the Google Calendar that will be shared on the member-only group. We will share the time and the date of each program on the google calendar.
First thing first, choose one of the package that suitable for your role and needs, then tap the “join now” to fill the application form completely. Make sure that you have filled all questions on the application form. By the end, you will be getting the email confirmation as soon as your payment has done.