Product management can be said to be entering the “Golden Age” stage in the world because of its high development. This is due to the high competition between companies and the increasing need for a personalized product from society.

Pramudono Adhi Kumoro (Product Management Experts), the Program Lead at Apiary Academy, conveyed four outlines related to Product Management;

Chapter 1 – The Basic Product Management Concept

There are several elements that are needed in the basics of product management, one of them is the balance between value to customers and value to the company. In addition to the team, tools and communication skills are also an important main factor in building good product management.

Chapter 2 – How to Develop A Product

The thing that is very crucial in product development is to understand the process and business model. It will help to create a clear road map.  At this stage, the PM needs to focus on priority and timeline to make sure all the projects run well.

Chapter 3 – Minimum Viable Product

Ways to create a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) is you should know what the customer needs and how to develop them to increase customer value. MVP also has several goals including user testing and knowing more about your persona and characteristics to find out future goals.

Chapter 4 – Determining Success Metrics

There are 5 factors related to the success of a product manager in building product management in a company, such as Timing, Idea, Team, Business Model, and Funding. Timing is one of the most crucial things as it can determine the success of a product through a certain moment. 

Product management (or product manager) must also have clear and agile goals that can visualize the company’s primary goal. In addition, a Product Manager must also prioritize feedback and user personas.

Based on his experience, Pramudono Kumoro explained that being a Product Manager is a good role now and will grow in the future and really fun to study into more depth.

Detailed lessons for Product Management also will be delivered and thoroughly discussed by Pramudono Kumoro and several other trainers and mentors at Apiary Academy. 

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